Just a little something I enjoyed as a kid with my grandma on Saturdays. Little did I know I'd get a signed photo of the youngest and last survivior some 30 years later. I also have a TLS from Bob Ballard in 1986 or so.

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That is my second favorite Titanic movie; my favorite being Titanic from 1953.

Thanks for sharing, Eric.

Thank you Christopher. I like that earlier one too - "The Navajo Rag"...

And here is Ballard's letter to me after he found the wreck. Click to read. Wish it wasn't yellowed but what can ya do. I was 18. Lucky my Mom saved it!

Removed - sorry.

I also have a few letters from Ballard from that era.

In an early one he declined to take a position on the salvage issue, but in a later one he was more forthcoming with an opinion against commercializing the wreck.

Those 1980s letters are a slice of history as I don't think he has really responded in this way much if at all in recent years.

That is awesome, Eric.  Nice piece of history.

Thanks JK and Christopher. And now the prize! Today is 77 years since Hiroshima - another area of endeavor and a future book.


That image gives me chills, Eric.

But wow!!!

Thank you. I wasted all the 1970's and never wrote. I never thought I'd get a survivor at the last minute in 2009. She was just 2 months old - youngest on and off. As far as Ballard it is hard to take him seriously - he says no salvage while sitting in front of greek amporae and so on. He also had a crazy idea to clean and repaint the wreck!

For a long time I think Eva Hart was the most famous (and accessible) Titanic survivor.  As far as I know, Millvina Dean emerged in public and appeared at Titanic events later in life.  

She had no memory of the sinking, obviously.  I think that held her back from the upper echelon of public Titanic survivors until their numbers dwindled.

I also nearly missed out.  She's the only one I got but I'm happy I did. 

Yes, I recall Eva. Especially for:

"I saw that ship go down in one piece with my own eyes"

and also (after 1986 or so)

"I saw that ship break up with my own eyes". ;)

Ah yes, good old-fashioned eyewitness testimony. :-)

I was fortunate to get Millvina Dean a few times.

I even got her to sign a couple baseballs.  At the time they were the first/only ones she had ever signed, but I have seen atleast one other since then.



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