AAU is Pawn Stars authenticator,thats where i noticed him, he seemed like a legit authenticator...I was just made aware that he is on the same level as Christopher Morales, Why is AAU on Pawn Stars?

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I have a briefcase and magnifier...maybe I can get the gig! Vegas is only an hour flight.

hi greg,hi steve

I agree,the first and last name dont coincide,and it looks traced and there is alot of hesitation

I dont understand why these guys cant do their job like what their websites say they are capable of.

What do you think of al wittnebert?and what do you think of ama authentication

Al Wittnebert is great! I've barely heard of AMA.

Here's something to think about:

If an authenticator isn't well known and popular, why would anyone use them when there are ones that are?

I think the answer is pretty clear: In most cases it's because the well known, popular ones didn't call their autograph genuine...or the seller doubts they would.

A lot of great dealers and auction houses don't use third party authenticators at all. But if you're going to use one, or buy based on one, use one that a lot of reputable dealers and auctions use.

al Wittnebert is one of the best.

I have asked Al Wittnebert,Roger Epperson and Jeff Gold if they would be doing a book on Jimi Hendrix signatures in the future,i know Al Wittnebert has wrote books on signature studies for Star Trek,and others.

I  hoping one of them or all will someday

i think this is an interesting behind the scenes pawn stars photo,  only steve grad would authenticate his own signature



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