I've been watching this LP since mid Feb. Sold by Probstein, Sold through Iconic, back to Ebay and now on Ebay again by PPC (Press Pass Collectible). It has a PSA Cert that was supposed to be done on 1/ 23. Here it is, almost 3 1/2 months later and it still doesn't show on the PSA Website/ Registry. It's not one that I would want, if it is even Real. What do you think about it?? Could the COA be Forged??

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If it's not on their site, how about giving them a call.  Presumably they would be interested in someone who might be forging their certs, as it could rapidly render them valueless.

I sent them an Email, and there response was, that they would look into it. That was back in early March.

I'd reply to that e-mail and ask for an update, specifically, whether they issued that cert or not.

Ebay seller Presspasscollectibles told me that i was likely an error on PSA's part and it would be up there eventually.  It's been four months.  Anything i have gotten PSA to authenticate has never taken that long to get into their database.  

....and the signatures don't look right at all.  

That is not an authentic set of signatures, IMO. No clue about the COA being forged or not, but those signatures are not authentic. The Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Angus Young are all particularly bad. 

i purchased this 8x10 from probstein around the same time that album was listed. this one is in the psa/dna database and i had roger epperson look at it before bidding, he gave it the thumbs up

The Photo is Real, without a Doubt... I remember seeing it up for sale... I don't believe that the LP is real either. IMO.....

The signatures on the picture are 100% authentic, IMO. I still don’t believe the signatures on the Flick of the Switch album are authentic. 


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