Hi, everyone! I would appreciate some input on this Aerosmith autograph before I purchase it. After some research I'm not sure how much I trust AAA. Also, the AAA certification does not list Joey Kramer but his autograph appears to be on the album. Not sure if this is a red flag. Hope you can help!


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I wouldn’t touch an item with an AAA certificate:


Thanks. I saw that article yesterday which is why I don't trust AAA, but was hoping the  still be lsignatures may still be legitimate.  

Sorry, this is not real at all.

Thanks for your help. That's disappointing, but I can't say I'm surprised. 

i have a couple authentic aerosmith signed 8x10s in the buy/sell section if you're interested

I will definitely go look at those, thanks! 

I have a few real signed tyler concert posters if interested

racc trusted seller 220

I would love that but that may be a bit over my budget right now. I haven't looked at the others but I'm worried they will be as well. The one I was looking at was much lower (another red flag, I know). 



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