Is this a legit authentication Company?


These are horrid-looking forgeries.

Look at this garbage.

This is from Ebay seller Sewpuffectnotions.  This is laughable and obvious.  Moron forger.

Here is another obvious and laughable forged Derek Jeter.

The dopey forgers almost always use cheap China baseballs.

Look at this crap listed with that worthless COA from AAA.

Look at this garbage with a worthless COA from AAA.

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What have you discovered about them?

Nothing yet.


I have never heard of them.

Here's their website:

There's no mention of the staff, owners or how to submit. Their domain name registration is private, which is suspicious for an operating company.

If you're thinking of buying something with their COA, post it in our authenticity opinions section:

This Proxibid auction is full of items with COA's from this company.


Mantle/Williams set of "Florida" forgeries with that COA.

Mantle/Aaron forgeries with that COA.

In my opinion, that says it all about that so-called "authentication" company.

I don't see the mistake here, could you please explain, sorry?

Great question, Andrew. The Mantles, Williams and Aaron are well-known mass-produced forgeries that are signed by machine. You'll find hundreds on eBay at any given time. We've been seeing them for more then 10 years. 

Hang around here and you'll learn how to identify these, and a lot of other forgeries.

I just don't see it I guess, how can you tell? I just bough a couple I thought were legit, do you know if Paypal will refund on the side of the buyer, it's tough to prove buyer doesn't know

As long as you used PayPal Goods and Services you should be fine.

Post the autographs here to find out if they're likely genuine or not. Then you'll get advice from members on how to handle things if they turn out that they're not likely real.

Realize that people who knowingly sell forgeries will lie to you left and right. They're in the business of theft by fraud. So be careful about believing what they say. 

Thanks for the help :)

Andrew, you should be just fine. Don't worry. Go for a refund thru PayPal and follow their advice on how to handle things with the seller. 

I'd reject the package if you can (check with PayPal) and definitely would not open it. Be sure to take photos of the package, etc., if you have to take delivery.



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