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I know anything from Al Pacino other than his usual squiggle is rare - but do you think this somewhat full signature is good?

Thanks in advance!

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he signs in hundreds different styles so you have to get it in person to be sure so my opinion is that it could do and i think it's fine. the ones i have are from mostly itp and private signings because i don't like to have doubts about his autographs. the one we are talking about is from a while ago and saw these many times and think it's real. 

Yes, Well, that doesn't sound like something I'd want to get into - a permanent cloud unless IP or Pvt signings? No thanks.

i'am not the one who knows it all and when i have doubts i give a negative opinion and with this one i'am positive. and i would only have interest when i have a 100% trust in the one who sells it and better to have a good story with it. 

That's good - no one is! No idea of whtever story goes with this. Varied opinions here - Mike, you...more visual data might be useful. I also wonder what Richard thinks.

At first glance, it has characteristics, but the inscription does not look like his penmanship. I think it is an early secretarial signature.

See - it's not always an automatic "no good!"

Three "no", one "could be". Not resounding. I included myself in the "no" catagory but I couldn't add you to the "could be" because you asked if it is authentic and never expressed an opinion other then you don't think it looks like a that dark secretarial IIRC. There are no "automatics" in this hobby for me - some gave reasons for how they felt or they showed it with images. Others did not. As long as the correct outcome is achieved its all good.


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