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Al is probably the hardest entertainer to authenticate because he does such a quick lackluster signature. I think he is someone you need to get in person and have a photo of him signing to verify. Honestly, impossible to authenticate.

I agree with Nick.

Or perhaps try locating an earlier example of his signature.  I realize vintage is more scarce (and probably more expensive) but it is legible:

I was fortunately able to pick up one of those Serpico documents as well.  Very nice, Etienne.

Congrats on that, Mike!

wanting to see the signature on the poster it is practically the same as the signature on the contract

Maybe it's me but how can you tell by that small OP image?

I see

what do you recommend? to buy it?

Have you read anything on this thread? Your autograph looks nothing like the contract. If you want to throw your money out the window than go buy it.

Assuming this is the one on ebay, there's nothing to prove that autograph is anymore than what you see, maybe just a tad into the darkness of image.  Here it's is blown up (after clicking image).  Seller has some legit autographs of a few I've gotten.  Just don't expect the autograph to be fuller than what we can see.  Price seems pretty fair if legit.

Or is it not the same one, and one a copy?  ebay image at slight angle and cut off at bottom right.  Maybe cross-posted other sites.



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