Just wondering if I could get some opinions on this Albert King autograph. I am working a little backwards as I've already purchased it. I guess I'm curious if it looks shaky enough? A lot of his other autographs I've seen have been in pen and look a little more shaky but not sure if it's just because it's signed in marker. Maybe I'm paranoid lol

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to me it looks a little to on purpose see what Tacoma blues says

I looked at this item when it was on sale on eBay, and I have gone back and forth on this one. There are a couple things about it that look right, but I have some reservations as well. I am really on the fence on this one and not sure one way or the other. Not very helpful, I know. If I had to lean one way or the other I would say "likely real", but I would strongly suggest sending this into Roger Epperson for a QO. Its well worth the $15.

If you want to do some further comparison, see the great Blues music thread on AML. This URL, which is what originally brought me to the site, can be found at:

A few other examples from my collection:

First is two examples of Albert's signature from a double signed LP (which even included his phone number). This came from the collection of a well known Chicago Blues piano player. Pardon the less than stellar quality on the photo. Its all I have of the piece at the moment without fishing out the actual item from the safe.

Another example is this signed photo:

And this other signed photo:

Thanks for the responses. I wish I could get ahold of the person who the Ebay seller got the item from in the first place. It looked like he had an awesome record store for a long time and had a bunch of memorabilia and autographs in there as well. It looked like he also collected some autographs himself but not sure if this was one of those.



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