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Anyone who didn’t receive theirs signed heard from Decca yet? It’s crickets over here after about a week.

I received only half of my order of these Andrew Lloyd Webber signed Symphonic Suites and have 2 emails in to Decca over the past three weeks. I have yet to hear anything back other than the automated response. If I still hear nothing over the next couple of days, I will email them a third time Wednesday before starting down the path of contacting my credit card company.

It took nearly a month, but Decca finally refunded me now for the missing Andrew Lloyd Webber signed CDs because they had no more to correct their shipping error.

Glad you got the refund. I’m not going to bother. Total incompetence. 

I did not hear back from them regarding the missing autograph. So rather than waste any more time on this I threw the entire package in the trash. What a joke. 


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