I recently purchased this Bruce Springsteen signed photo to use as a cut to frame with my artwork. The seller didn't know anything thing about it, other than that it was an expensive present giving to him by an ex several years ago. He is now in process of moving and just wanted it gone. When I got it in it appears to be signed at the bottom by what I'm assuming is the photographer that took the picture. It appears to me to read @ Scott Wein '95. It is of Bruce from the 95 Grammys signed by him and professionally framed. The autograph appears to be very legit to me, but my question is...Is it worth more as a whole piece, before I decide to use it as a cut? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not quite sure why you would want to cut this signed photo. I would keep it as is and find a suitable cut. I have a Springsteen signed card which Epperson has approved. If you want to see it pm me.

The only reason is I got it for a really good price, and couldn't really afford to pay the price for a book...Just to get a cut. Would love to see what you have on a card. As far as pm...New to using this site...Not quite sure how to.

Just sent you a friend request. Once you accept we can message each other.

May be just a coincidence but I noticed you are from SC, there is a Dr. Scott Wein who lives in Raleigh. 

I did see that when trying to research who it could be. Not exactly sure that's what it says, just looks that way to me.

Yeah, definitely don't cut it. Signed photos are almost always more desirable than cuts.

Just wish I knew the value of it like it is, before I decide whether or not too do it.

I use RR past auctions as a guage for market prices. You may find it helpful for your Springsteen. 


Thanks...I'll give that a try.


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