Ringo and John look good (ate least not bad forgeries) to me but George and Paul seem stranger.

Would be a high price for a forgery on eBay.

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Not authentic. They were signed by the Fan Club.

I’d agree definitely not authentic and not in the style from the period they were supposedly signed.

It sold for $3,400, which is pretty shocking. The seller didn’t actually state that it’s an authentic set, but also didn’t make it clear that the signatures are secretarial. It was listed under the category “Other Beatles Memorabilia”, and was described as a “Beatles Fan Club set of autographs.”

It’s amazing that someone would spend that kind of money without checking them out or getting an opinion other than the seller’s story. Might be a big surprise and big letdown when they try and flip it!!!

Indeed. This is the high price that made me doubt that they were forgeries. Usually, forgeries sells for far less than that (even if it always remains too much).

Regardless of the listing presentation, buyer is undoubtedly thinking these are authentic as they come with the fan club letter, even though the signature-style is way earlier and the fan club was on fumes back in '69.

$3,000.00!? Must be nice to toss that out the window. With $3K, I'd fly over to the UK, tour Liverpool & London and, with maybe enough leftover, opt for a round trip train ride to Hamburg. 

Looks like have been relisted due to non payment

Looks like someone got smart but opened the door for someone else to be taken by this seller!!! I reported it to eBay by they hardly ever act when there is big money on the line!!

It’s already up to $1,500. It was changed to a private listing.

Awful forgery's I have reported them to.



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