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what do you think about that one?


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This album is not signed by the members of WASP. The biggest give away is the size of Chris Holmes autograph. He usueally sing much bigger if he has the space.

Many thanks Bjarne! Someone offered me that item - its without history. Seems that this person wants to get rid of all his collected forgeries. I already have authentic WASP signatures - and yes, Chris signature is much bigger on it - check her my Electric Circus album:

The Inside the Electric Circus album is genuine. This is how Chris and Blackie was signing back in the days. I think this album is signed 1989.

Bjarne, please check that WASP, too - thats one from my collection - no history sadly - it was a record fair buy. I´ve already sorted it out as I think its a fake. So I could make sure with your opinion that its a bad one....


Yes. This second The Last Command is bad also.

thanks Bjarne!

Hi Bjarne. Could you please check this?


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