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I've noticed recently I'm no longer getting emails for the threads I'm following... anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? I've checked all my settings on the website and should be getting emails. They're not going in my spam folder... not sure what is going on. Missed a few things I would have liked to get. 

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Not just you, I have noticed a lack of these also in  the last few days.

I didn't even get one for your reply lol. Something must be up. 

Yep. I have missed lots of stuff lately that I would have purchased. I've been all through my settings and have unsubscribed and resubscribed numerous times. Very frustrating. 

same here


Same here.

Made me miss out on the Judas Priest stuff ☹️

Yes. I just noticed it's not just thread updates but I don't get notifications for DMs either.

Same here.  


Yes same, don’t get the Bon jovi notifications or a few others in last few weeks 

I missed the Bon Jovi too that was one I was bummed about... but there were a few I would have purchased if I seen them in time. 

I've been having issues since the beginning of February. I have done some testing since then and alerted the Steve via pm. I made a 2nd account to test it. Basically if I use my gmail account I get almost no emails ever. I think I've received maybe 5 in the last 2 months. If I use a yahoo account I get maybe 75% of them. But I get some hours later. So something is up either way.

Now Gmail and Yahoo did make some email changes around then to help with spam. Not sure if it is related or not:



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