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Hello again,

I failed to mention this in another thread from earlier today. I was wondering if I could get any opinions on this eBay seller, alexrodriguez13, since I could not find a great deal of information on them on the forum. They seem to have a very large selection, and a lot of sales too... 

Many if the pictures they have posted are identical to others I've seen posted in well established dealers like Hollywoodmemorabilia.com. They may just be used as stock photos, though. From the looks of their inventory, has anyone done business with them, or if not, would they?


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I believe he is in Florida.  If I remember correctly, he was one of the people who did a private signing a few years back with Pacino.  Has a ton of PSA and JSA items.

Thanks for your input. I was considering a purchase but wanted to make syre he was trustworthy and selling legitimate merchandise.

You should show the item you are considering. Anyone can make a mistake.

These are the items I was considering purchasing before the upcoming rise in Marvel pop culture creates a higher demand for these.

I am not personally acquainted with this seller, but to your point:

"Many of the pictures they have posted are identical to others I've seen posted in well established dealers like Hollywoodmemorabilia.com".   In truth, this is backwards.

I'd say it's a certainty that Hollywoodmemorabilia.com have taken his images and descriptions, claiming items are their own to sell (possibly without his permission or knowledge & at an inflated price).  If one of his items sells through them, only then will they will contact him and purchase the item from him as they make a substantial profit off of it.

Hollywoodmemorabilia.com are not the good guys here, IMHO.  

Oh wow, I didn't realize. Thanks for informing me. I mistakenly thought it was the other way around. But tbh, it does make more sense considering the raised prices at hollywoodmemorabilia.com. I really appreciate you clarifying that lol.

hollywoodmemorabilia.com has a sister company sportscollectibles.com that does the same shady stuff.   I wrote about it here:


Yours is an honest mistake and this is why I detest their deceptive practices.

I just read your post and it was very informative. I knew something was off but I wasn't sure who's end of the line was at fault. IMO, it was a good choice on your own part, by the way, to avoid any  collaboration with them because of their questionable practices. If I ever deal autographs in the future, I will remember that. Thank you.

You're welcome!


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