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Hello Dear members.

I would apprciate your feedback about these autographs.



Jim Morision


Elvis Presley

Walt Disney

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson


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The Jim Morrison autograph isn't authentic. I think that's the one that someone tried to sell by altering one of Roger's COAs.

I just checked, and that's the same one. Someone cut the original image from a Roger Epperson COA, replaced it with the autograph shown above, and then tried to sell it on eBay as having been authenticated by Roger.

Will stay away from it, Thanks for helping.

I don't know Walt Disney well, but that doesn't look right to me.

The Jim Morrison is forged.

I don't think the Elvis is good, but you need Roger or someone else on it.

The Michael Jacksons look like Shawn Jacksons to me. Shawn Jackson is a well-known forger.

Thanks for your opinions and advice Steve.


I'm concerned because you tend to not want to wait before buying autographs and you tend to decide too early when a price is right. Take your time, consider the sellers, and spend some time studying examples. If you're serious about music figures, look into getting a quick opinion from Roger. That's what I do. For Walt, try Phil Sears. But I don't think you should go any further with that Walt.

Take your time and let good example come to the market.

You know me pretty good about me when Im hunting for autographs :))))))

Thanks for the Words of wisdom.

Many thanks & God bless

I am not a Disney expert, but I do own a few of his pieces and this piece looks good to me IMO.  Best to check with Phil Sears, as previously mentioned.


Stay away from the Disney, i believe its a Forgery.

The Elvis looks real good to me, but to be sure please check with Roger Epperson.

Good Luck

Bob, look at the transition from the "s" to the "P" on the Presley.


I know exactly what you are referring to.

I have seen that transition a few times on authentic contracts and also in authentic signed pics,

but I would feel better if Roger Takes a look and gives his final word.

I trust his expertise with Elvis without question.

I think the Elvis could be good as well.I had a good one a couple of years ago.



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