Multiple signed bundles available. Plus, for the first 300 bundles purchased across all formats on the AURORA store, a tree will be donated towards the High Andes Polylepis Forest project through the non-profit organisation ‘One Tree Planted’.

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Thank you for sharing. 

Your welcome! Always here to help!

Wow, all sold out already.

Actually check that - looks like that might have been a temporary glitch.

Yes I was debating it and just saw that, I've heard of her but not that familiar, selling out that fast makes me think I screwed up by waiting, is she like the next Billie Eilish or something lol

Not quite in the same category musically, but she's incredible and one of my personal favorites. I've seen her live and met her a couple times.

I'll have to check her out, I used to drive for a living and had a lot of time to listen to music but now this has just turned more into collecting rather than listening to the music. I guess that's why I don't know who most of these artists are when I see the releases. something told me to buy hers and I hesitated and missed out.  

Actually still available - Cds showed as sold out - which is wreaking a bit of havoc with the other bundles, but I think they may be adjusting inventory. I ordered the vinyl/cd/cassette bundle after trying a few times.

Actually, I lucked out, I had put a couple of signed Cds in my cart earlier when I first saw the post, and even though it is showing sold out they were still in the cart and I checked out. 

Ok never mind, looks like they are back in stock now

Aurora = underrated

Billie = overrated

I could never listen to a full Billie Eilish album, but Aurora has very soulful melodies.



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