Hi. What do you guys think about this 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card?

It is hard for me to tell if it's authentic or not.



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Yeah, I posted this quickly not knowing which forum I posted it in I guess.

And I did do my research about the missing pixel and stuff like that, along with other aspects of authentic cards. This card seems to have some of the traits of authentic cards.

When you are just thinking about buying a card, you can't send it to PSA or SGC, can you?

It is stupid that people would pay so much money for a fake card I meant.

yes it's stupid, but like Chris stated before it happens in volume EVERYDAY on E-bay, which I canceled my account yesterday. I am sick of the 500.00 pastings they are giving dopey idiots for the Fake GFA stuff.

It is so sickening and growing by the day. I just finally had them close my account so I don't have to watch them or deal with them. They are now no better than At auction or always fake at auction or whatever they call themselves now. 

PUT THE CARD ON THE NET 54 board where you have many experts and they will show you a million reason why that card is FAKE as hell.

I agree with Christopher.

They are idiots. I seen a clear reprint cobb sell for 200 recently.

Also an idiot would use sand paper on an authentic card like has been done here. So which seems more logical? Someone aged a reprint and idiots bid? Or someone scratched an authentic card to make it look old? 

Here is an even crazier idea Dustin, if you want an opinion on a card...maybe post it on a CARD WEBSITE? I know, I know, sounds incomprehensible. 

As Christopher said, if you are unsure send it to PSA/DNA, SGC, or BGS. For this type of card it would be well worth it to have it slabbed so buyers know it's real, and don't have to question it. Tons and tons of reprints/fakes have been made of this card. 

Like I said before, I meant to post it somewhere else. The rude comments are not appreciated.

Why didn't you get it graded before you sold it. If it was real you would have made alot more money?

I was thinking about buying this card from somebody on eBay, but I didn't end up buying it.

the posting of a fake baseball card on an autograph site is not appreciated

Sorry. I didn't realize that I was posting it here.

What happened to the other posts that members put up though? I hope that they didn't get deleted.



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