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Hi Everyone!

I found these two Bette Davis signed photos at Golden Age Autographs, and I would really like to hear any thoughts or opinions regarding their authenticity.

Many many thanks, as always!

Cris :)




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Tom Kramer of Golden Age is one of the best vintage Hollywood sellers around. I would say "yes" on these.

Thank! :D

Hi Chris,

You asked my thoughts. Genuine of course as Joe says, but the b/w has several condition issues, the color has contrast issues. I'd try to find signatures of the period - this stuff signed later in life is plentiful making condition and contrast paramount. Try to get the sig and photo as close in date as you can with an eye to vintage. It is not much more $ at all. There are somewhat unimpressive perhaps later prints and she is not rare.

Best wishes,


**these are...***


Sorry I could not respond to your PM fast enough.

HI Chris,

I do recall your budget and parameters - these are different to me than your condition challenged but unique vintage Audrey Hepburn at a good price, if that helps.

Best always,



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