Hello JFK experts out there,

I am new to this forum and I am looking for your help. I just recently acquired the attached JFK autograph on a very small b/w book page. The signature is written with a black roller ball pen.

The previous owner is a private collector who bought complete autograph collections and also chases VIPs for autographs himself.

On a small separate piece of paper there are some notes written with an old style typewriting machine: "John F. Kennedy    35.Präsident  .I963   Messechussetts West Virginia Mr.Peters" (partly German, indicating obviously that a Mr. Peters from Massachussetts (New England)/USA got it in West Virginia (or the other way round) in 1963?!

The lenght of the signature is only 3cm/1.1 inches on a small cut book page measuring 8.5x11.5cm/3.3x4.6 inches.
On the backside, a part of a photograph can be seen of JFK smiling while reading a newspaper with headline, 'Jack Kennedy's on the Glory Road, Humphrey bows ... .' May 11, 1960 (cf.

Has anybody seen this autograph before? Any ideas about its provenance? What do you think - is it an authentic JFK signature? Would anybody dare to estimate its value?

I already consulted the JFK signature study book by C. Hamilton "The Robot That Helped To Make A President" and cannot find any similarities to autopen or secretarial signatures...

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards




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Hi Markus! We no longer use the "attachments" in the group for photos as it doesn't make them viewable in searches and it helps our members by making one less step. 

Please watch this video when you get a chance, it will help you see how to post photos in discussions. Thanks!

Hello Adam,

thanks for this hint - I did not know, so I just added the photos as images.

Best regards

No problem at all! Thank you very much!

Welcome to AML, Markus!  I wish I had better news, but honestly, this looks like an outright forgery to me. It looks slowly and carefully drawn.  It’s not authentic imo.  I know the style the forger was trying to match, but he didn’t get the job done.

Hi James,

first of all, thanks for the warm welcome :-) And thank you for your honest opinion (making me very sad...). I am also quite uncertain with this autograph - taking into consideration the many variations of JFK's signature over the years.

Please have a look at the following examples of authentic JKF's (from the book mentioned above) and compare them to my autograph - would you still think it is a forgery?

Curious to hear your opinion... :-)

Have a nice evening

I am familiar with these authentic examples.  However, imo, a forger was trying to duplicate something similar to these.

See if you can contact Andreas Weimer, a member from Germany.  He is an expert on JFK autographs.  Also, you might try member Herman Darvick, an authority on presidential autographs.

Helllo James,

oh, I see - and I am sorry! And thank you so much for these contacts. I will try to ask them!

Have a great day :-)


You’re welcome...and no apology needed.  I was just wanting you to know that I’ve seen those authentic examples before.  And I agree with you that yours is somewhat of an approximation to those examples - but just off.  I think someone was attempting to achieve the look of those authentic examples but didn’t quite make it.  

Just try to send a message to those two and ask if they will take a look at your discussion.

In my opinion, it is a forgery.

--- Herman Darvick

Hello Mr. Darvick,

thank you very much for your professional opinion - although it makes me really sad...
No chance that it might be real? So far off from authentic ones? I have seen so many variations of his signature...

But we can exclude a secretarial signature, right?

Furthermore, I would like to apologize that I didn't reply earlier but I had an extremely busy time the last days.

My best regards


If you look at Andreas Weimer's JFK autograph study of pre-presidential JFKs and the UACC's Paul Carr's reproductions of JFK signatures on presidential JFK documents and Charles Hamilton's published in-person JFK signatures, it should be obvious yours is not authentic. To those who have examined JFK's signatures for years - I have for over 50 years - it is obvious that what you have is neither authentic nor secretarial which leaves forgery as a probability.

--- Herman

Dear Herman,

I see... You completely convinced me! I appreciate your time and effort!

Kind regards



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