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This thread originally began in the blog "Authenticating Autographs at RRAuction.com"

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Glad to see the own blog for Elvis Presley while particular discussed are the so called "German Elvis autographs " signed during his miltary time in Friedberg and Bad Nauheim.

Let's start with Rodger's the example shown as

"This is a textbook example of a Hans Bakker Elvis. These have evolved but many of the
characteristics have stayed the same."

Maybe I am wrong but referring to the RR database following similar RCA postcards had been sold in the past

Item 730 - Elvis Presley Catalog 248 (Apr 2000)
Attachments: No photo uploads here

This appears to be another Hans Bakker forgery. There are too many loops before the P, the loops are too close together, and the loop in the Y is way too long. Obvious forgery.

Item 626 - Elvis Presley RRAuction Catalog 266 (Oct 2002)

which match exactly with this example

so I am maybe right that following statement received from another knowledge Elvis autograph collector is nowadays right ?

"Indeed you are quite correct in stating that the Germany signatures as i call them have came under a lot of suspicion, to the extreme where every signature from that period is automatically condemned, even the extremely genuine pieces, and i will be putting in a lengthy section on obviously the forgeries of the late 1980's to mid 1990's that surfaced and caused such a problem with his Germany years, as for the RCA postcards, i have researched RRAuction and saw over the years, a few, maybe 2 or 3 have been sold but it seems they are refusing to accept them anymore, one wonders if the few they had sold, but it is clear the company nowadays considers such items as fake"
This example you show is a Hans Bakker in my expert opinion.
Hi everyone and thanks Markus for pointing me to this thread and inviting me to join the discussion. Over the past two decades I aquired a number of Elvis autographs from his German time from various people who had met him in Bad Nauheim. I made sure that with each and every autograph from Elvis that I obtained that I had a clear provenance and proof that the person actually was in Bad Nauheim during the time when Elvis was there. For instance, these "fans" (I would not call them autograph collectors, as all of them only had the Elvis autograph(s) for sale) even had pictures showing them with Elvis. Interestingly, they all were able to confirm that Elvis signed each day in front of his house for the fans waiting there...he actually came out during the time indicated on the pic that Markus posted. However, it was also reported to me that other fans who did not wait for Elvis' appearance handed their pics etc to one of the bodyguards or the housekeeper and they took them into the house for Elvis to sign (which usually did not happen, as he had secretaries doing this for him). So, in essence, there are a larger number of authentic autographs from the German years and there are a larger number of secretarials. I would thus suggest that we discuss this issue in more detail, as this may also help to understand the Bakker story.
cheers, Marc
...and here is one such example: the person who sold it to my kept this autograph in his wallet since 1959! The letter (in German) provides an interesting history on the item's provenance. The autograph is signed on the reverse of a calendar sheet from 1959.
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Marc, what a great Elvis! I'm not an expert but that looks like as honest an Elvis autograph as I've ever seen.

Roger, did I get it right for once? :)
so both of the examples from RR auction 2000 (as attachment) as well as the one from RR October auction 2002 ?
Those are examples of German Elvis autographs obtained In-Person comparing to the RCA card in question.

The styles are simply different - particular with the loops sometimes visible as "nn" or "mn" and "mm".

Rodger and Marc....are they looking very different to you ?

I guess I'm not understading your question. The Hans Bakker one is different in my opinion compared to the others shown. I can't go into detail on this forum what he did wrong but his is different from the rest. I think you are concentrating too much on the the "Elvis" part when your attention should be more on the way he did Presley.
Total fakes. These have flooded the market for years.


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