I've been eyeing a 2000 Yankees team signed ball for a while and this one came to my attention:


I had a chance to find some feedback on the seller and everything looks good, I was just curious as to what others thought with regards to the authenticity of the signatures and the quality overall. For instance, I know Jeter has an exclusive contract with Steiner Sports, therefore, I am skeptical when I see his signature on a non Steiner product.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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A bit pricey but I like it...got some rare Yankees autos on there including Visciano and Canseco...I have seen Jeter sign plenty of team items that were not Steiner...but Iam looking at these images from phone and there tiny...even tiny they look good...I would say as far as Jeter goes...I would say Single Signed Items that are not Steiner you may want to be careful with...I will give another opinion on it tomorrow when I get a look on the computer...but my first instinct its authentic...

the ball is authentic.  left field collectibles is a very reputable company, I have met the owner, dealt with him several times.  I think the price is very reasonable for a 2000 team ball.  I just dont remember gooden being part of that team, I thought he was earlier.  But sigs look good.

just checked the roster, Gooden was on the team that year.

This piece is no question AUTHENTIC....I would also add left field collectibles is no question highly reputable...I have purchased from them before and got some really nice high end stuff which they also specialize in...

Reason I said it was a bit pricey because some autos or not perfect 10's like some of the other signatures on there...if they were all bold as the Torre or some of the others I would say its a really great price...but all in all its a great piece and 100 percent authentic and a great seller to boot... 

Interesting though, if you look at some of their other items, they have a mid sixties yankees team ball that purports to have mantle and maris, and they are both clubhouse.   Art might not know the difference, I dont believe he would intentionally misrepresent something.  I got my '67 red sox team ball from him years ago, and also traded for a 1929 barnstorming ball with Ruth, Gehrig, Hornsby, Hack Wilson, and a few others  

Thanks for the update, I did notice the mantle signature as well when looking through his ebay store. Did that raise any concerns for you with respect to the 2000 ball?

not at all. the key sigs are all good.

I also checked it out and no question those other signatures are "club house" of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris...I would also agree with terrier that this does not make the 2000 ball for sale any less trust worthy to purchase...I am thinking its just a mistake...those guys always have great pieces at great prices....



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