Hi everybody.

I have a Beatles record and I would really like know some opinions about the authenticity of the signatures.

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Sorry, not authentic.

Thanks for your answer.


I agree with Eric, unfortunately. These are very likely innocent fan forgeries, signed (often by girls) in love with the Beatles.

Has it been in your family a long time?

I got this record and lots more from a guy that spent a lot of his time getting records signed from bands. I only got a small amount of records from this person. I think all the other records are signed by the real people, but this one I was not sure and wanted some other thoughts from other people. I lost contact from the person that I got the records from, but he was old and might not be alive anymore. I don't know for sure. He needed money and asked me to buy the  records back in time because he had them signed in person. This was what he told me? So they were not in my family, but I have some cool records signed from different people. thanks for answering me back 

Feel free to post your other records on this site. We would love to look at them.


No...sorry...Just someone trying to copy the Beatles sigs on the cover..I did that on my Rubber Soul as a kid back in '65...




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