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Is this a legit authentication Company?


These are horrid-looking forgeries.

Look at this garbage.  Freaking laughable.

Looks like it was penned by a two-year old.

Look at this garbage with a worthless COA from AAA on a cheap China baseball.

This is from Ebay seller Sewpuffectnotions.  This is laughable and obvious.  Moron forger.

Here is another obvious and laughable forged Derek Jeter.

The dopey forgers almost always use cheap China baseballs.

Look at this crap listed with that worthless COA from AAA.

Look at this garbage with a worthless COA from AAA.

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Look at this piece-of-crap listed by Ebay seller Marfor57 with that same worthless COA from Autograph Authentication Authority.

This crap makes me sick!

Me, too, Steve.  This is the kind of crap that floods Ebay every day.

This is also why more forgeries are sold on Ebay on a daily basis than authentic autographs.

It is also why forgeries are easier to sell on Ebay than authentic autographs with Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, and of course, those that list and sell forgeries.

This crap has ruined and devalued our hobby and thanks to this website and its members, we will continue to expose Ebay sellers of forgeries.

Why would the seller sue, Andrew?

And who would he sue?

Since I agreed to pay for the item, if Paypal refunds, i'm guessing will be pissed, and they may say I can't prove fake and was in agreement.  Was purchased from a website, similar to that Proxy site ya'll were talking about.  

Forged Derek Jeter items listed by Ebay seller Preppersupply_6 with worthless COA's from Autograph Authentication Authority.

Look at this crap listed by Ebay seller Postcard-guy with a worthless COA from Autograph Authentication Authority (AAA).

They are not only doing sports, they certifies fake music items too...

This particular one is from seller historicsellsmemorabilia but I’ve seen this crap more and more often on eBay over the last few months!

Yes they are Cogo.  Disgusting.


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