My Grandfather's Baseball Autograph Book From His Bat Boy Days in the 1930's & 40's

I have an autograph book that I would like to get some opinions on as far as quality and value. There are like 200 or so signatures I could list them but it might be more fun for u to see if u can tell who they are for yourselves. I like to think of this book as the holy grail of baseball autographs for this time frame. Enjoy. Looks like I will have to put the rest of the pages in a reply post.

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What's the story of this album? Wow...

This is a fantastic book, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx, Mel Ott, Connie Mack...the list goes on and on. I don't know if any are clubhouse signatures, but I'm going to ask a couple of guys who really know vintage baseball to join the discussion.

This album was left to me and my sons by my grandfather who grew up and worked as a bat boy in Detroit . It is a very impressive album. I would love to get it authenticated but the cost of it is keeping me from doing it. We are going to las Vegas in March I thought about taking it to gold and silver pawn to see if they can give me a value of it.

I can see Drew Max pulling out his huge magnifying glass to look at your album. You won't need to send it out for a paid authentication to find out the story on it. And if you place it in an auction to sell (if that's your plan) they'll take care of it. I'm asking some vintage baseball guys to take a look. We'll all start learning more and more about your album in the coming days.

I'm really glad you found us.


I have compared most of the well known player's autographs with samples I have seen on the web and they are all pretty right on (Connie Mack looked like it was written by a little kid) to make sure Gramps wasn't just writing them himself. The cover has come off the album but I still have it. The gehrig autograph is as good or better then any I have seen. And thank you I have found the website very helpful. Joe

They all could be absolutely fine. I reoriented your images, resized them and uploaded them into your opening, Joe. I'll delete your originals before I sign off, but I have them if needed.


Take a look at the Hornsby.   I agree that most of the signatures look good, but the Hornsby looks way off.

I would also check the page labeled 2017.  they all seem to have been signed by the same hand, and the Chick Hafey does not look correct.  It is a great item, but I think there are a few issues with it.  Still very valuable.

Very Valuable, I wouldn't worry that much about the Connie Mack either.

I have seen similar authentic Connie Mack sigs approx that strength on a baseball sell for about 1500

That is an incredible piece.

I think because your grand dad was the bat boy, he wouldn't have allowed any  Club House sigs either.

I am sure he knew exactly who everyone was and exactly what he was doing . . .

Incredible foresight :)  

Fwiw, it has insane break up potential as well, should you decide to go that route, The Gehrig alone you should be able to pull in 2500 easy  . . .

I can't believe the Babe aint in there ?

Do not tak it to Vegas!

PLEASE do not do that, any major auction house worth their salt will not only authenticate it for nothing they will give you a partial payment up front for a piece like that, the right place won't even charge you a sellers commish IMHO, there is really only one auction house that should handle this but I don't know if ity is OK for me to mention company names here soooooooo, but good luck pal, Great piece of baseball history there       

Way Cool Piece! I would loved to have had the opportunity to talk with his grandad about the signatures and the circumstances of when he got them. I'm sure there were some great stories there. My wife's grandad "almost" got the "babe" outside Shibe park. He caught him leaving the park and while handing him a fountain pen to sign the ball with it exploded all over the babe's suit. needless to say the kid didnt get the

Thanks for the replies fellows i finally got a list of the names in the book there are 220 autographs in all. The price guide i used said the value was about 33000 but i think that might be high. do u guys have a fav. price guide  that might be a little more reliable?

Very Cool. Will you share your list of names with us? It would be very nice to see who grandad met.


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