Was 50USD approx on ebay and sold as original. COA worthless though. Opinions about the actual autograph when you compare it to Eddie's authentic signatures. Thanks.

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This seller has Harrison Ford for $50 BIN. All garbage. If the EVH was genuine why did it close for such a low price? Did you look at what else he is selling and for how much?

Springsteen $39 BIN.

Did you buy this? Use your return immediately.

Stevie Nicks $29

Eastwood $19. 

Even money as to whether the COA or a piece of toilet paper is worth the most. That syntax is atrocious.

Those prices are mostly realized! The "Ford" was listed already for opening of about $25 or so and did not sell. Last time. Someone bought it this time. 

It seems someone has again deleted all posts rendering this discussion nearly useless.


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