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Seller has replied to the accusations of these autographs areforgeries

There are no forgeries, some are bought, but all are fully certified by top authenticators, dna, jsa are just 2 to name. Please stop harassing us or we will press charges. Consider this your last and only warning.

typical criminals reply about pressing charges

I don't blatantly state accusations for this reason. I tell them that I have never seen examples of the said signature that come close to theirs  or tell them to recheck with the COA because it looks like they made a mistake. 

I guess the bottom line is, what can really be done about the forgery business. It's definitely more than frustrating. Although I see some members here do a good job in this battle. 

I would hesitate to accuse the seller of being the forger, but have no issues calling these pieces of crap out for what they are. FORGERIES and not very good ones.  But Ebay is full of inexperienced, impulse buyers, that believe the pieces of paper that accompany these works of art.  Some day they will realize they have been screwed.

I never accused the seller of being the forger.  I actually asked him if he was the forger or if he was buying the forgeries from someone else.   He replied that all his autographs have been certified by PSA or JSA.  

asking him if he was the forger is somewhat of an accusation.

Best to stay clear of that. 

I like the approach of my answer and terrier's combined. It adds some needed punch.

We all have our own methods of approach.

Of the autos posted,I cant see PSA or JSA certing these. They look like some kid signed them.

Oh my goodness.

I don't know, of course, if the seller is the forger, but the forgeries were definitely penned by a kitchen-table forger.

Those are laughable.

The "Roy Campanella" is freaking laughable!!

Let's examine the "Roy Campanella" real quick.

Mr. Campanella, who passed away in 1993, was paralyzed since 1958 until his passing.

No way Mr. Campanella would have signed so legibly.  Case closed.



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