I have a signed photo I'm thinking of possibly selling. The photo is technically a dual signed. The front of the photo signed by Rigo Starr but  the back of the photo is oddly enough signed by  Barbara Streisand. I bought the Ringo signed photo unaware at the time of the signature on the back. I'm curious what your thoughts are on if I should add any value of the Barbara Streisand autograph to the total asking price?  I look forward to any advice I can get.

Thanks, Ryan 

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MIKEX - Where exactly, please?

Just do a search on Google images. RR auction has never sold a BS because they have little value. One signed on the back of an existing photo has very little value. 

I was in the market for Barbra not all that long ago and it took me quite some time to find a real one under $200. If you see one (or a dozen) at $20 a pop let me know and Ill buy them all!

I can get them at less than £50 if you are interested. Just friend request me and I can ask around.

Done - thank you!

I've just sent a message to my autograph dealer friend. He has 100s of autograph books. I'll let you know when he gets back to me

I thought is was 20 GBP and easily found? What changed since yesterday that doubled the price for Ryan?

I said less than £50. It could well be £20. I've been offered them in the past, but not my thing

"...You can easily pick up a Barbra Streisand for about £20..." - Mikex yesterday.

If that is true Ryan should be able to find one himself at the price point and post it here for review before purchase.

I'll wait 'till my friend has a look through his collection. If he has some I'll negotiate a good price. 

My friend just got back to me. Do you like this one. Looks like an X on the back. I'm sure you won't see this if you place it on a dark backing



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