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2 colors - Blue and Orange

Limit 6 per color

Cost is about $130 with US shipping

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Just checked mine with a few i see on eBay. One very different. Another I thought was same as mine but when I looked closer there we're several differences in the strokes so I think I'm good but will post image soon when not as busy. 

If you click on the link at the start of this discussion, then click on the Main Menu, then click on 'Prints', they illustrate one blue and one orange. The sigs are identical. Those are the only two I have seen and am commenting on.

Perhaps the blue example I got from eBay is a stock image.

Here is a yellow one from the site linked at the start, and a blue one from eBay. Identical.

Not the warm fuzzy feeling...

Mine is different than that and different that ones I see on eBay. Will post it later. 

Sorry for the crappy pic but here's mine... 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

That's different than all the others I've seen too. 

Here is mine

Is anyone else thinking autopen on these due to the dots at the end of the signatures?

What is the texture of the print? Does that explain the speckly and odd appearance of the ink above? I have seen it in 2 or more of these signatures and the variations as well. They don't scream hand signed. The "speckles" are rather evenly spaced...

Not sure best way to describe the texture but it’s definitely not smooth. It’s got a bumpy/slightly raised feeling to it

That's the last time I donate to a child/teenage cancer charity. Kidding. Has anyone heard or seen shenanigans from this Co?


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