Is this one good?

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I believe this is authentic.  See what others think though.

Joey, the image is too pixelated to authenticate from. We can't tell what the photo really looks like. It needs to be a high-quality JPG or PNG.

You only posted the autograph. Always post images of the entire piece, as many images as you can.

The autograph is the same color as the photo. Not a great sign.

IMO..Not even close.  Let’s start out with the hestitation and huge space between the a and b.. plus the angle of the how bout that R..and The abrupt finish in Ruth....

You’ve convinced me.  Good points all.  I hereby change my opinion!

+1  The e and R partitioning, the telemetry of the end of the 'e' (that the forger tilted almost into a 'w', as many forgers do tend to do) and the starting point and angle of the 'R' is a disaster of epic proportions. Don't even need to consider other features/tells once focused on that horrific e B.

also a super straight baseline I might add




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