Possibly acquiring from a prominent estate and wanted to get some opinions regarding authenticity before I lay out the cash. Thank you. 

The ball is a Brooklyn Ball Club Ball which I’ve never seen before and was suspect but as we know the Babe coached the Dodgers in 1938 and Gehrig was still alive. 

Thanks for your help. 

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4th photo

those are awful

Thought so. Thank you.

How about this one? A hospital release


The style is proper for 1944.

The added date is not Ruth (though that's self-evident).

The ink looks right. The fold through the ink also looks period correct.

For lack of being able to examine paper and ink in person, I'll go 80/20 authentic, mentioning that if it has been forged, that forger is very talented and he nailed it.

Thank you so much Woody2Shoes

next question: what value would you place on something like this? I have an opportunity to purchase. It is presented in the attached 


And came with this letter of authenticity 

And came with this letter of authenticity 


Oh no! Frangipani = bad news.

Really??  New to this. Could he possibly have got this one right? 

Anything is possible. Google him. Decide for yourself.

"Anything is possible. Google him. Decide for yourself."

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Not every piece authenticated by DF is fake. It's his methods and practices that are questionable.

If you flip a coin, head real, tails fake; then you'll be right about 50% of the time

But if coin flips dictate your professional decision making, then you have no business being a professional.


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