I have heard now a couple of times that Babe Ruth had his own special pen. From what I understand, after the Babe retired from playing baseball, he had a special pen made for him to be used for signing autographs. Does anyone have any information about this? I was wondering what it looked like, and what the particulars were. Thanks.

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Robin, my friend, you're one of the people that I'm glad I've met here. There are some here that aren't quite so kind. I think we've figured that out. I asked an innocent question, and then I run into a smart-ass. But there are some people who think they know it all. It's too bad really. You ought to be able to ask a simple question here and not get lambasted for it.

WTF, Leave Dom alone.  Christ what has he done wrong.  I haven't been around AML much lately,  I have been crazy busy with work.  But I check in from time to time.  Are we not allowed to crack jokes now in this PC nation we live in. 

Do what you do Dom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  F the Haters.

Yes, Robin. I would agree with you on both counts. Christopher does add a great deal of value to this forum. And I agree that exposing forgers no forgeries is a good thing, but let's not run down people who are simply trying to ask a legitimate question and get information.
Dom, you can read my reply to Erich above. There's no LOL to it. I have heard of this twice now. And I believe it is discussed in a documentary. I was trying to be polite, and just see if anyone else had heard about this. Maybe you weren't very good in school. But by asking questions, sometimes you get answers that aren't smart-ass ones, except maybe from you. I try to be nice to people and reach out. Others like to be a jerk. I joined this site to connect with people with similar interests, not to constantly be polemical and confrontational.
Hear, hear.
Well, here is your answer. In his book, "Peanuts and Crackerjack", David Cataneo discusses Babe Ruth's specially-designed pen made for him for signing baseballs.
Here is the part that talks about the pen.
And here is a pic of the book.

Sorry its "Dom".

I don't care what you're tired of Robin. Now, you're being a hypocrite cause I'm sure you've exposed a forger or two on here as well. When you make a false claim on someone, you should be able to back that up. Yes, we all would like the hobby to be as fun as it was before it became a big business and forgers took over. I'll let you get back to the joy of collecting Nazi and Adolph Hitler autographs!

Ian, it's actually Dominic

Let it go Dom. Its not that big of a deal.
Was a joke. Maybe some didn't get it but was harmless.

I've never heard of Ruth using a special pen for autographs. Would seem like it could be a possibility if he was home or in an office signing stuff which he probably did a lot.


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