I thought I'd post this Streisand that I've had for years.

I believe it is real but I know there are lots of secretarials around and there is no story behind it. All I can say is that I've bought a lot of very good autographs from the guy I bought it off.

It is a good quality 11" x 9" by Steve Schapiro, quite a respected photographer. He is credited in the Sygma agency text to the back. I can post an image of the back if desired. 

As usual, I also attach a slightly larger jpg.


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The Barbra looks very much like in-person sigs I've seen from a middle to later career period. But I must say, I've never seen "Streisand" formed like that. Typically, what I've seen in this style, this period "Barbra" has just been a signature of her first name. Just plain "Barbra", sometimes with a stylized "S.. slash", but again, this style of "Streisand" (the writing of the last name like this) is new to me.

Thanks Woody.

I was thinking my example bore some similarities to one that was discussed on here before....


....but I must admit that the surname on mine is much tighter and almost looks like a single Chinese character. I cannot find many mid-70s examples by Googling. Can anyone help with further mid-70s examples - or examples of secretarials from this time?

Because there are so many secretarial and automatic signatures of Barbra, some of which I've seen authenticated as genuine by the majors, it makes choosing exemplars for comparison daunting. I think the best way to secure an authentic Barbra is to go with a matted check/document, or use exemplars for comparisons that you know assuredly to be in-person or witnessed.

IMO , fake , never seen her sign last name like that.



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