I recently bought this from Tracks Ltd. I'm now in the process of selling off about half of my autograph collection on Ebay to pay for it, but I've always wanted a Beatles piece to display in my office. Going to mat it with a couple of LP covers. At the moment it's still in the album, which is otherwise mostly filled with sentiments from Mary's (the album owner's) friends, including Anne and Berniex. I realize the girls adding their names with the little "x" kisses around their fave Beatle reduces the value, but I also find it kind of sweet. Just wanted to share. If any of you have concerns about authenticity I'd like to hear, otherwise I'm assuming I'm safe between Tracks' reputation and the intact album.

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Very nice! Here are my Beatles pieces. I just recently bought the 1963 tour programme from Tracks as well. It is only signed by George and Ringo.

My Paul McCartney "Talk Of The Town" programme was signed in 1968 and signed also on the inside by his then girlfriend Jane Asher. It was authenticated by Frank Caiazzo. I also got thumbs up by Perry Cox and Tracks.

I hope to one day get a Lennon signed piece and eventually get something like yours! Congratulations!

Those are gorgeous, Adam! Thanks for sharing them.

No problems with this item. Nice set to own.

It looks great and Tracks is one of the best.

Great item and signatures!
Very nice set.congrats.

You can't go wrong with TRACKS. I've been dealing with them since the early '90's....

Glad to hear these look good! Thanks. This is by far the most I've ever spent on an autograph, and I want to be able to enjoy it without having to wonder. Now to get some lp covers.

I Like the added touches...the names...without a dought....top quality investment....look after them..they will look after you

None of the girls liked John & Paul?!

Yes, isn't that odd? Who'd have guessed?



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