What do you all think of this supposedly autographed photo on EBay?

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The signatures look good to me.  I have never seen that Valex card before.

The signatures do look good.  Never seen this item before. Any prospective buyers can get them checked out via Roger Epperson. Seller also offering 60 days return.

The script looks good, but it seems like they were copied with a copy paper or something. 

 I think the set is a copy. The signatures werde copied and printed on the postcard. 

IMO...they look OK...

A bit mixed on these. I agree they do look OK but they might be copies.  The ink lay down looks very similar to my set with John, Paul and Pete that I’ve found 3 variations of?

4 hours to go and already close to 2000,- i just hope for the guy who gets them that they are not a copy! 

But he accepts returns for 60 days. 

Tried to get Roger Epperson’s opinion, sent the $15 dollars in for a quick opinion, sent him an email with the link, but I never received a response. 

Ok thats strange. I used his service a couple of times and always got response in a day. But i wrote him last week about some other matter and he hasnt got back to me by now as well. 

there is something in the McCartney that concerns me greatly.  I do not believe he signed this.

They are authentic examples, it’s just whether they are copies or not..the way they are smudged looks strange.

I am always willing to learn.  Please show me an authentic example where the pen pressure on the downstroke of the t is greater on the upstroke, than it is on the downstroke, as is the case with the one in the OP.  It is usually the other way around.  You can use the Tracks site for examples:



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