Hi Everyone,

I am new to the site and not a collector.

My sister has a piece of card with George Harrison and Ringo Starr autographs on that she personally obtained circa 1963 in Stoke-on-Trent, England where the Beatles were touring.

I am looking to sell it for her but have only been able to obtain one quote from a dealer in the UK.

Does anyone have any idea what this is worth ? I could try eBay, but would be good to have a 'ballpark' figure to work with.

Thanks for any advice

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I now have a letter from my sister who obtained the autographs.

Would welcome any comments as to how it affects any price that I can sell the autographs for.


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Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.

I guess it was nearly 60 years ago and a long time for my sister to remember ! 

George & Ringo were at the Bowling Alley not at the venue when my sister met them.

that she had a chance meeting with them at the Bowling alley maybe should be mentioned in the letter along with how excited & surprised your sister was to bump into them, - its a nice feel good story which makes for nice reading.  If you sell at auction, the auction house takes up to 30 per cent commission and storage fees and fees for taking photos so make sure that you put a reserve on them.  Unfotunately some auction houses charge for putting a reserve on them as well.

Hi All,

I am now in a position to sell the item.

If anyone is interested in making me an offer I would be grateful. 

Thanks to everyone for helping me with the autographs and their potential value. 

Due to circumstances, I still have the autographs to sell.
Anyone interested in them please contact me as I will otherwise sell them to a dealer this week.


Hi Martin, please contact me on beatleworld@gmail.com and I'll buy them from you, thanks

If beatleworld deal  falls through  I might be interested 

Hi Alan,

I will keep you posted. It depends on their best offer.



Hi Alan

Can you let me have your email address please .



Sent you a friend  request 


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