What do you think about this set of Beatles autographs? The Lennon is the one I`m most concerned about... I think the Ringo and George looks fine...

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I don't know about these. there is something off about every one of them.

I agree. There are very noticeable problems with the John and Paul autographs.

I feel the same. Wouldn`t feel comfortable to buy these less it was a very cheap price.... Anyway it`s up to £2850 now on ebay and the auction is ending in 1,5hr. So I guess someone feel good about the authenticity of these.

Wow. The two top bidders are responsible for slightly over £2000 of that amount.

Looking forward to see who`s gonna be the "winner"... £2950 Would not be too much if it`s authentic, but since it`s questionable It`s just too much of a gamble...

these are all fake. just reported it to ebay. how does ebay avoid lawsuits when people  pay thousands of dollars and then they try to get it authenticated by frank, roger, or cox? same old ebay, the more i know the less i understand!

these fakes are up on ebay again, i guess the the guy or gal who won it the first time to the tune of $4700.00+ realized they were fake .to bad ebay can't pull their heads out! one day left now at $147.00. makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

Start of rant : One of my so called "Beatles" friends won these the first time around for over $4,700, I emailed him and told him to stay away as they are crap, after asking me "are you sure ?", he obviously didn't pay for them....that's not the issue...after saving him a small fortune he didnt even bother to contact me to thank me...some friend hey ??? I should've kept my mouth shut and let him pay for this piece of sh@t !!!...rant over.



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