The set below was provided to a fan by NEMs - the dedications looks like it might be from John?

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Correction: apparently John wrote all the autographs!!


Here’s an article about this item from when it was previously offered at auction:

That's brilliant - thanks!

I am collecting full sets of Beatles autographs in the hand of one of them: four autographs signed only by Paul, George or Ringo... and, so far, I am only missing a full set in the hand of John.

I had already identified this one (but after it was sold) but I am not aware of any others. Are you aware of other items only in the hand of John ? Ballroom maybe ? (if you don't know, this should not exist :-))

There definitely are more examples out there. Here are a few:

Terrific, thanks!

Not sure if I would buy one set without a LOA, but it gives me hope to eventually find one to purachase.

John was probably the worst forger of the four...

I don't think this was sold last time and is listed to be auctioned Chaucer Auctions UK 6 May?

Indeed, it seems to be listed again. That may be my chance to get my first "full John" set of sigs... Thanks for the information!

Good luck Bertand!!


Honestly I don't know yet what amount to bid... Usually, I can get my "full" sets for about the same price as a "single" autograph (it's funny to have Paul, George or Ringo signing for the others but people, even collectors, seem to not care about those additionnal signatures, valuing only the real one). But I have no Lennon yet and, despite Ballroom having shown me that there are examples out there, they are scarce.

It sold for £1,400, which I think is a reasonable price given recent sale prices + it comes with a COA from Autografica?


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