Has anyone seen this one before no info, no provenance, no COA.  Might just be me but I don’t like them! Any thoughts?

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They all look fine to me,lets see what others think.

They look good to me too.

And that’s why I have so many Aspinall signed Lp’s!!!!

It looks OK to me as well...

Brilliant item, will go for big bucks $$$£££

Sold for £9600 plus commission of 20%

I'm not that keen on this kind of signed-over-text album at the best of times (not that I wouldn't want to own one of course) but this one was in truly ropey nick. No doubt a talented restorer will work wonders on it with cleaning fluids/smoothing presses and it will ultimately be sold at the top of the "food chain" for at least £25,000. 

By the way, the auctioneer didn't get very excited considering it went for way above the estimate. Another day in the office...

Where did it sold?

Sold in the uk to an internet bidder


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