Here is a link to a set of "Beatles" autographs on eBay. The seller believes it to be real, but in my belief it is clearly an Aspinall. A nice example of his signatures and in great condition, but to be stated as authentic Beatles autographs and already have bids up to $1700.00 is a little scary.

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classic Neil Aspinall.

look at this set that sold in an autograph book with many other signatures. It was sold at Shrewsbury Auction just last year as a real set. Another Aspinall that slips through as genuine.

definitely not Beatles, the McCartney is the give away, classic Aspinall.

Speaking of Beatles autographs on ebay, i came across these last night. What do you guys think?

These look good as gold. Tracks is one of the worlds most trusted beatles dealers.

Tracks is top notch.  no doubt about these

Yes it is a Neil Aspinall set of signatures.

Its ALL just plain wrong.

Even this Morales-authenticated "HELP!" album in the same Coach's Corner auction is higher. One day to go and it's already at $145! If genuine it would be worth at least $75,000.

If anyone reading this has a band-signed Beatles album--or anything you purchased authenticated by Christopher Morales--this should be a strong indication that you've been defrauded. Post your autographs on this site or contact me. Don't let the crooks get away with it.

Look at this piece of crap that is listed  on the Coach's Corner Sports Auctions site headed by Lee Trythall & Scott Malack.  This is a Beatles signed album signed by all four.  With one day to go in the auction, the bidding is up to a whopping $53.00.  I think that says it all.

Please note that Coach's Corner auctions routinely sells anywhere between 2-8 Beatles signed albums/photos every single month.  Their inventory of Beatles signed items is obviously infinite.

Here's another "signed" Beatles album from Coach's Corner, Chris. This one certified by Ted Taylor of TTA. At $348, it's more than twice what the Morales one is that. But that said, $348 is less than one-percent of what it would bring if the autographs were real.

it is a pity so many record covers have been defaced.



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