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Please take a look on this signed photo and give your opinion about his authencity but, this time, I going to help. It comes from RSG...

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This is from Rock Star Gallery, is that right? I would stay away from them all together. I am amazed by their vast supply of perfectly signed Beatles albums as well as their Bob Dylan items.

Right!... :) Thanks a lot!...


These are the kind of Beatles forgeries attributed to the Southern Calfornia forger. Very common. You'll see very similar ones here: http://live.autographmagazine.com/profiles/blog/show?id=3524372%3AB...;

right on, Steve, I knew these looked familiar.  

Yup...these do look like the fakes from southern cal. Total garbage.

Beatles did only two or three signings by all members. Very easy to find out wich one of'em. You can use a cataloge by Dr. Richard Suffro. Also contact to Markus Brandes www.brandesautographs.com who has 100% genuine Beatlses autograph and highly professional. Hope this will help, Dmitri.

Honestly, I never close-studied Beatles, simply just I can not afford the real one anyway... Plus, I'm not a professional.

Once again , I would suggest services that I gave you before, also you might want to contact Gary King on www.autografica.com, call him on the phone and he will gladly consult you.

Dealers website looks pretty legit with all credentials, however I would ask them why they are not a  REGISTERED dealer of any respectable organisation, such as UACC-ACAF-AFTAl ? Hope, that will help, regards, Dmitri.


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