Would appreciate your help on this Beatles set (on separate pages from an autograph book) said to been signed in 1963. Good or bad?

Any suggestions about what a fair price could be would also be helpful!

Thanks for helping!

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Looks like Lennon and McCartney were signed by the same hand. But lets see what others say. I am no Beatles expert. 

Lennon not good for me, but i think Harrison and Ringo likely genuine.

Thanks guys! Hopefully more members will help out!

All signatures comes from the same autograph book, so it’s a bit odd if some is genuine and some not. Let’s see what the experts think!

It looks like a real set to me.

Thank you Ballroom!

All real.

Very good news for you. I am so glad that I was obviously wrong. 

Thank you George and Karsten!

Anyone with a estimate of value?




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