Up for auction at Grand auctions in the UK is this 8” x 10” b&w photo signed by the Beatles.  It was sold at the same auction house in 2019 for £3000.  I think the signatures were signed by Neil.  Can’t imagine what the vendor will think when he finds out what he bought in 2019 for £3000 is worth £150 in 2021.

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Neil Aspinall "Strikes Again!!!"...

I've just rung them and left a message. I've also sent them an email.

Could a couple of other people send them a message letting them know as they won't ignore the information if it comes from a few different sources

I also sent them an email explaining why they are Neil Aspinall signatures. I think they are in a bit of a conundrum as they likely sold it to the current vendor and when they now tell him or her ooops this is signed by Neil there is going to be a big problem!!!

I didn't think the auction started

Just wrote to the auction house about the picture....let's see what happens!!!

That's three people at least. They should remove it now. Good work everyone.

IMO the auction house will not remove the item and they will not seek an opinion from an expert in the field.  Why? Because they sold it as genuine in 2019 and that purchaser is now trying to sell it. It would be interesting to know if the vendor now knows the signatures are by Neil and was unable to get a refund.  The solution would appear to be to drop it on the next unsuspecting collector.

Wow! Didn't know that. I will see if they will reply to my email. 

These are definitely Neil Aspinall signatures in my opinion. I also wrote to them about this item.

Hey Folks...Just checked the auction site! It's 6:49 pm east coast time on April 2, 2021. The Aspinall signed Beatles photo is still part of the auction....appraised at 2,000-3,000 pounds-($2,765-$4,148 US)...LOT #80

The auction is actually scheduled for April 12th.  I very much doubt this auction house will pull this item despite getting many notices informing them the signatures are not genuine.  Someone is going to be very disappointed when they find out the truth.



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