Up for sale at Omega is this signed PPM Lp.  Roger Epperson viewed it and apparently gave it the thumbs up.  Signatures look almost too good to be true? Any other thoughts?

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I'll let the real experts opine on the autographs but I'm always suspicious of such large felt tip examples, especially where, as in this case, there is no provenance. The estimate of £8 - 12k also seems rather modest. 

As regards the authentication, it is not entirely clear to me what, "Authenticated by Roger Epperson prior to this sale" means. Was this a $15 quick opinion and when and for whom was it done?

It means usually a quick op paid for by Omega.  The ink looks kind of fresh as well for something that old

I agree Michelle, highly suspicious item


How common were felt tip markers in early 1960's UK?   I remember the big magic markers in the US but they had huge tips and were not good for autographs.  

Just questioning the availability and usage of the Sharpie type pens from back then.

Signed LPs done with thicker markers were rare back then but I've seen another one signed with this type of pen that sold years ago for 60k that was also real. 

That George doesn't half look oddly stiff but I guess if it sold for 60k it must be real. Makes the OP estimate look more than rather modest, even if the 60k was a top dealer price (i.e. Frank).

I'm not absolutely sure when such thick markers were invented but it seems to be 1964, at least for the Sharpie. How quickly they caught on in countries outside the US I don't know.

Bruce, the one you posted sold twice privately since then for significantly over $100,000. It was signed for somebody famous in the UK

 He may have had a radio show. 

yes he did and then auctioned a lot of his  personally signed stuff off at omega auctions if I remember correctly

It's a beautiful piece if it is real.  

The $12K pound estimate does seem rather low however.  

The final sold price of a signed authentic (with provenance) PPM would come in around $30K-$35K,   right?

Here is another example.

I think it's real as long as it's live ink.



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