$5500.00 will get you this "autographed" Sgt. Pepper album.  Interesting how the Beatles took the time to actually write around their heads. I especially like the Lennon early 60's style.


oh, and if for some reason, you would prefer their signatures on another album cover, the same seller has a Yesterday and Today for sale.  Its great to have a choice.

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Wow! Isn't it fantastic what you can find on Ebay? I wonder if you get a COA with these records?

I guess it wont take long time before these are withdrawn by ebay... 

WOW!!! BEWARE EBAY BUYERS BEWARE!!! U get a COA written in crayon lol

My kid could do a better job forging signatures.

An authentic signed Sgt. Pepper album is valued at over 100k. This is indeed a fake. I would suggest buying only those examples which have been verified by the number one expert in this field: Frank Caiazzo. His COA's are recognized hands down by all the major auction houses.

Can you guys check out the SGT PEPPER record making news all over that has bids over $110,000. I want opinions on that one.

post the link



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