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Words cannot adequately describe this listing currently for sale at Gerrard’s Auction Rooms in the UK. I have added the auction description for review.

Rare Beatles Item - The Beatles Complete Autographs Rare Signed First Edition Help LP 1965 John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr With e-COA Appraisal Done In 2014. This is something amazingly rare and special, it is a must for any music fan. It is a first edition 1965 First Pressing LP of The Beatles Help - UK Mono with 2/2 matrix The Gramophone Co Ltd. Parlophone PCM 1255 with flipback sleeve with outlined mono logo in the corner. Matrix nos: XEX 549 2 / XEX 550 2. It comes with the original Emitex sleeve. It has a wonderful story. It was actually found in a shed less than 2 miles from The Cavern club by an old lady. She didn't even realise it was signed by all 4 members of the band - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. It has got the usual wear and tear from LPs of that era but overall the condition is very good. The lady passed away and since then this fantastic LP has been in a private collection. It comes with an electronic authentication certificate done in 2014, it is not known exactly when it was signed but the historian on the appraisal team has it between 1965 and 1970. This comes with the e-COA from 2014.

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I'll take two

Can you get one that says:"To Jim, Best Wishes?" That would be cool!!!

They only sell them in packs of 5 - darn!

Oh man!!! Talk about crushing my dreams...Thanks Mike......Damn. I'll get over it though!

How about that?...I just did!

I purchased a signed copy of Hamlet last year. The little old lady who sold it to me didn't realise it was signed by the bard - which was nice!

How about a copy of the Bible signed by Jesus?...is that possible?

I found a copy in my loft last week. Mary signed it also.

It comes with  JSA COA. Obviously, it has faded over time, but can be seen with an electron microscope.

Man....you are sooooo lucky!!!

The really sad part of this is that someone has put a bid in on this Lp. Clearly trusting the auction house to do their work and sell items that are indeed what they are purported to be.  I cannot believe in this day and age that any auction house would look at these signatures and agree to sell them as genuine.  Getting close to fraud IMO

A lot of these auction houses don't have autograph experts, so this kind of thing Is very common. Loads of secretarials and fakes etc. 

'Peel McCarley' and 'Ringle Stere' wouldn't dare sign a fake LP. Would they, LOL?!?



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