Good ole Beckett's authenticating fakes. Someone is going to lose £750

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Found on wallsofsound2 eBay

walls of sound is an awful seller on ebay

Are you thinking of Walls of Sound out of Florida? They're not Wallsofsound1 or Wallsofsound2.

WallsofSound1 & 2 is Lee Hunter, in Tenn., one of the top in-person dealers since the 90s or earlier. He's rock-solid. 

These are his eBay pages: and

Mikex, can you post some Marc Bolan exemplars? He's hard to find and I don't know his autograph well but eBay's Wallsofsound1 & WallsofSound2 are Lee Hunter, a highly respected dealer. 

PSA Autograph Facts has this one, similar characteristics similar to the one you don't think is real, although the one you called out is signed nicer:

That example is 100% fake

Here is an example of a neatly signed page. Although, most of his signatures are quite sloppy. The OP is much nicer than any I've seen which makes it somewhat atypical.

Yes, the OP looks like a sit-down autograph. But see how the end downstroke of the M is straight on all 3. Compare the shape of both Ls in the OP to the Ls in the others. On the first and second pic the B is perpendicular to the base but the L leans slightly to the right. And there's a natural feel to all 3. 

Again, I don't know Bolan well, but all 3 of these feel like like they could easily have been signed by the same person.

This example looks atypical imo

Im not by any means a professional authenticator but I like to collect autographs. But unless it's PSA certified I won't by it

Why PSA?

No TPA is going to be perfect, but, in entertainment, BAS has the better community reputation of the 3, though, when it's available, most collectors prefer something more specialized.

Here are some authentic examples:



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