I have owned these since 2001 before that uncle in IMG_3330.JPGVegas owned them.....IMG_3331.JPG

Thanks For any help


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No to the second certainly (it is not Lillian Lugosi either), but what is the first one? It's not his hand but what is it - the item?

Thanks For the reply......IMG_3342.JPG

No problem - sorry it wasn't better news. That second one look like it was done with an engraving tool!

It's engraved, I'm sure. And I agree. Strong no to the inked one.

What kind of value on the engraved....It seems like just pressed hard..you can feel impression on back. Should I get authenticated if so by who..I want to sell it......I have about 10,000 autographs to sell.......

Thanks Al

Al, that is simply not Lugosi's handwriting.

Eric, I agree. Although I don't possess a high degree of expertise with Lugosi, I've seen scads of his positively documented autographs from early to late in his lifetime, and neither of these, the inked, or the one that looks like an engraving fits in well with the norm.

Exactly Woody, other than containing the letters of his name it is missing all the features of a Lugosi. Slant, formations, no kickbacks on the "e" and "a", the "B" is way off as is the "L", no underline, no accent is pre '44, last name a train wreck and so on.

Al, here is a genuine Lugosi - click for full image:

Thanks for your input.......guess I will just put it for sale for what It is or not....Al


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