I have a bunch of entertainment autographs coming in mostly music some acting. I was wondering what is the best third party company to bring them to? I live right near JSA so I could have my stuff done in the same day.   I am nevervous with their resale value as the fake  madonnas they have been passing. Should I send them to PSA/DNA or Beckett or just drive to JSA?

I have 

Scarlett Johansson

Justin Bieber (Already certified with Beckett)

Kacey Musgraves

Hailee Steinfeld

Scott Weinger 

Eddie Murphy

Kristen Bell

Anthony Gonzalez


All coming

Thank you!

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I’d post the Johansson here. None of the TPA’s are that good with her. Same with Beiber. Not sure any of the others would gain much in value with authentication. I’d save your money and solicited free opinions first.

I agree with Rick. Unless you have concerns about authenticity why get them authenticated unless you are planning to sell them yourself. On a venue like eBay, for instance, all three of the top three services carry the same weight, imo.

But, if I lived near JSA, for instance, they would fit the bill and save you some time and money versus additional shipping costs.

Who knows what the reputations of these companies will be in five or ten years down the road. 

I agree with the above post. Im perplexed as it is why we need any tpa on modern graphs as the autographs aren't worth much money at all. The complaints i read on the forum as why tpa's sell out for the money is remarkable!! Yet collectors/ more the dealers persist in having something authenticated in the modern era. Why do collectors have to have their roger waters , Alice cooper and so forth authenticated by a co? Why do legitimate dealers need a body to govern under? It really seems to be an insult to collector's intelligence, someone telling them whats authentic and whos a legit dealer..

Actually from what I’m seeing, there are a lot of modern autographs that are pretty pricey.  Authentic full sigs by the beautiful AND talented actress Margot Robbie have sold for $350-$400.  That’s not cheap to me.  And with signed photos, I am very concerned about the potential risk of buying a copy rather than an original.  Plus, since I don’t know her autograph super well, I’d probably want a PSA or JSA sticker on one I bought, and believe me, I know they make a LOT of mistakes.  I got burned about five years ago by an eBay seller who was selling really good copies instead of originals.  That’s always a risk when buying signed photos.  With a sticker, at least I know PSA or JSA or BAS has determined it’s an original.

"...Who knows what the reputations of these companies will be in five or ten years down the road. ..."

Stickers (the "wrong ones") could be the kiss of death! AND free advertising and vandalism...


Just such a thing. 1981 still "signed in"...1979. JSA...

Very sharp eye Eric.

I sold your the Weinger and it has exact  video proof. I doubt Jsa or the new psa authenticators even know who he is. Id go with beckett for that. But what is the reason for authentication, if its for resale, then use any of the big 3 . They all sell the same. If you just want opinions on the sigs, then ask here . 

PSA/DNA has made its share of mistakes with Madonna.  If Beckett hasn’t, they probably will.  If I were you and lived close to JSA, I would probably use them.  Among the three, I would give a slight edge in overall “prestige” to PSA/DNA.  They were the first and are better known with the general public.  Plus, PSA grades cards too, so they’re an overall bigger operation.  They may not be better, but I bet the average collector types in PSA more often than JSA or Beckett.  

I also agree with the others who say that there’s no need to get them authenticated unless you’re looking to sell or you’re just not certain one or another is real.




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