I have a number of signed Betty Grable items of which I believe some are secretarial. I am assuming, rightly or wrongly, that the hand written letters are written/signed by Ms grable herself but the photos may be secretarial. Is there a definitive way of identifying  the different signatures?.

I look forward to your responses.

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The only thing here that appears genuine is the ALS.  

Thanks for your response, I must admit i should have looked closer at the TLS to see if it was printed. So you think the signed photos are secretarial?


OP Fan Letter on left, PSA Facts on the right. PSA second signature authentic. The signature upper left is obviously a stamp on both. The second signature on the OP Fan Letter appears so as well. 

The printed signature in the upper left-hand corner of the stationery is essentially the letterhead.  I've seen similar with a couple other celebrities.

Yes, it is.


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