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eBay seller shadowboundgoons

He consistently has these group signatures, most with the same old paper style.  His work is pretty good, whereas many inexperienced collectors will be fooled.   All forgeries. 


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Oh, I'm screwed. These were originally handed out with an LOP (very official looking). But then he just stopped. I've already tried to email him and have received notta, zip, null, zero, etc.....Most of these items were all purchased last year.....and the year before....<jeez!>

Is this what your LOP looks like?

WOODSTOCK? That is actually signed "Shadowboundgoons"? What's in a name? ;) I am surprised they did not add the photo of Hendrix signing at Woodstock!

Yes, “Shadowboundgoons.” Can you believe that? The Janis signatures I posted are from Woodstock too. All three of them!!!

Woodstock, but not signing.

Gee, how did you know.....?

I know this is an old thread, but there is a seller on eBay called "Halo's Collection" who is selling numerous autographs authenticated by "Shadowboundgoons" and they are all in the $500+ range, Sharon Tate, Dwight Frye, many others. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_ssn=haloscollection&store_name...

I contacted the seller, and she thanked me but did not take down any of the forgeries.


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